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Located in both Troy, and Detroit, Michigan. We're on a mission to provide workforce training and software development to organizations of all sizes. We accomplish this by developing the best web, software development & digital marketing training programs for developers and marketers of all skill levels; preparing them for long-term careers.

Our training and development programs can be used by organizations in any industry for professional development of current employees, and our team of remote Sr. Software Engineers can augment your current team in order to complete your web, mobile and software development projects on time, and under budget without sacrificing quality.


It all started with an idea. One that was born out of fustration with how development projects were currently progressing. Our founder, Jenkins Ebiware Jr, knew in his heart that there had to be a better way to recruit, train and retain employees so a company could complete projects, reduce costs and be competitive

Two months later, Samex was formed. Named after his daughters Samantha & Alexandra, Samex first started as a software development company. Providing outsourced application development and project management services to organizations across the world, helping clients in several different continents.

As time progressed, Jenkins felt that there was still a need for better training for developers, and a better recruitment process to reduce the amount of time and overall cost of recruitment. And thus, the apprentice program was created.

We aren't a staffing agency, nor are we just a software development agency. Our first priority is to the training and development experience of our apprentice participants. We are dedicated to making sure they have the best professional and personal development training so they are armed with conceptual & technical knowledge, problem solving skills, and professional experience to effectively contribute to the workplace and solve any software development challenges they may face. Which leads to greater employee retention for our corporate and small business partners.

All participants of our apprentice programs and weekend training courses are immersed in a comprehensive instructional program that teaches concepts, technical information and analytical thinking. Then, we certify their knowledge through assessments and placements in real-world projects and environments to give verifiable experience of their knowledge and capabilities.

Our training & development programs can be used for existing employees within organizations as ongoing professional development

We utilize social intelligence and machine learning to evaluate participants progressing through the training program. When we begin working with a corporate or small business partner, our goal is to gain a complete understanding of the businesses culture, work-life balance, and expectations to ensure a harmonious match between the apprentice graduates and the business. We've found this leads to greater employee satisfaction after placement, and the business gets a dedicated, long-term employee.

If there is an immediate need for placement, corporate partners can leverage our remote team of Sr. Software Developers to complete projects while they find an apprentice-candidate match.

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