Our Program


Samex’s Apprentice Program is designed to increase the number of skilled software developers while redefining and reinventing the way we prepare individuals to be successful in information technology careers.

With an intensive, immersive, and positive learning community, we aim to directly address both the information technology labor shortage in Michigan and the lack of diverse experience, thought, and background in the software industry.


Samex’s mission is to not only produce the best software developers, but also the best employees by providing all participants with the technical skills, development experience and community support to become professional software developers.

Then, we provide personal development coaching, teach soft skills and help all participants form healthy, productive habits that will lead to long-term success both professionally and personally.

Our Program

Our highly immersive apprenticeship program combines online training and a learning internship to teach our students both how to write code (practical tools and computer science fundamentals) and how to be a software developer (leadership, analytical thinking, and career). Our training & development programs are more than just an overview of concepts and technical instructions. We focus on the personal motivations of all participants. Teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors that will produce better and more dedicated employees. The goal is to provide continuous learning and build a supportive, worldwide community.

Our training and development programs can also be leveraged by organizations for professional development of their current employees. Elevating their current skill sets and providing an engaging employee retention tool.

“Make the most of yourself…for that is all there is of you”

Ralph Waldo Emerson