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Finding Your Career Interests

Career decision making

Finding Your Career Interests

In a previous article we discussed how to survive in the constantly changing world of careers. If you have decided to pursue a new career, finding the right one will require you to really know your own interests. You are the only person who can  truly know what your interests are, and these can be one of the tools you use for choosing a career you can be passionate about.

How to Determine Your Interests?

Having a clear idea regarding your own personal interests is one of the very
first steps in making the best career decision.

Stop and try to ask yourself some questions including:

  • What are the things that make you happy?
  • What do you want to do during your free time?
  • What academic subjects and hobbies do you enjoy?

Your answers to those questions will reveal tons of things about who you
really are and can offer you insight to your exceptional personality.

What Are Interests?

Interests are the activities you find fulfilling and enjoy. These are also the
activities that you want to spend more time doing. There are also cases that
interests are the things you plan to do in the next years of your life.

Interests may also be known as pastimes, hobbies, extracurricular activities
or recreational pursuits. While you are discovering your interests, you will
be searching for what you want to do and not what you can do. You do not
have to be good at particular things for it to be one of your interests. You
must also think about your dislikes because this may give you clues on what
you like.

Things that you are interested in may be work-related, but sometimes, they
may not. You may also have interests that suit both areas. So, it is
important to examine all of the aspects of your life when you are looking for
your interests. These aspects may include academic courses, school involvement, social interactions, recreational activities, work, and even


Knowing what your interests are can be a great tool for choosing a career you’re passionate about. If you’re unsure of what those are, following these tips will help point you in the right direction. Once you’ve figured out what your interests are, the next step is making sure that these interests can actually turn into profitable careers. In the next article of the series, we’ll discuss exactly how to explore your skills, career interests and preferences.

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