Samex allows you to view, enter and analyze your entire organization's operational processes. Fast and highly configurable, Samex simplifies and streamlines the analysis of your department's actions and behavior so you can create or improve your processes and strategies to operate efficiently.


Easily add and manage leads, conversions, opportunities, accounts and contacts. With meetings, calls & task modules to keep your teams productive.


Get a real-time view of your entire sales funnel on the clean, visual dashboard.

Quick access to information

Every interaction with a lead, contact or customer is stored in a timeline, including calls, emails, meeings and notes.



Integrate with your Google & Outlook calendars and have your productivity items synced to all your devices.


You can easily create invoices and enter items. Organize your bills, sales and invoicing items


Choose one of our many standard operational reports, or build your own reports to track any metric.


Manage your emails directly from Samex. Tag all incoming and outgoing emails to an employee, vendor, department or customer.


With an intuitive and very navigable interface, Samex turns every interaction into a seamless process, helping you discover more opportunities as well as evaluate your companies, marketing projects and people. With Samex, you can see clearly into your customers and derive highly actionable insights, providing you with information to build and maintain relationships, boost your revenues and drive business growth.

Business Process Management

Improve operations by modeling, analyzing, measuring, optimizing and automating your business processes.

Workflow Management

Automate repetitive processes. Follow up automaticaly on uncompleted tasks and get an overall picture of your workflow with performance metrics.

Marketing Automation

Create target lists and marketing campaigns. Streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks so you can increase operational efficiency and revenue.