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Use Networking


Use Networking

Achieving success in your life and your career is not an easy thing. It will require you to exert much time and effort in order to have it. You also need to exert a sense of dedication, courage, hard work, aptitude, skills and interests in order to be successful in the type of field that you choose.

Success in your life and career is not all about earning money. Well, earning money is part of being successful but in the long run as you become mature, you will realize that money alone cannot make you happy. So, that is the main reason why you should consider your interests and passions as well as the pay when choosing what type of field you want to be part of.

Learning your level of compatibility with a certain type of profession is not an easy thing to do, there are several factors which you need to consider. One effective way to find a suitable job is through the use of networking. It is a type of job seeking strategy that can help you determine your compatibility with a certain type of profession. Through networking, you will realize the importance of talking to people around you. You need to exercise and try the power of networking. Talk with your colleagues, friends, acquaintances and relatives so that you can get relevant and valuable job resources and information about certain professions that you might find interesting.

What is Networking?

Networking is a type of job searching strategy. You have probably noticed that most job openings are not being advertised. That is one reason why you need to strengthen your capacity to know about all job openings that you might find interesting. Word of mouth is still an effective way for you to find job openings.

Networking works with the concept of word of mouth. Networking relatively still works in terms of searching for jobs or certain professions that you want to have. Although networking may sound intimidating, it is considered as one effective way to look for a job that suits your skills, interests and personality.

There are some people who find networking as an annoying thing. Some people are hesitant to use the power of networking because they are afraid to be called desperate, self-serving and annoying. You need to know that networking is all about building professional relationships. In order to succeed, you need to know the concept of networking.

How Networking Works?

Getting to know people all around you is called networking. There are now many people who use networking in order to achieve success in life and their career. So, consciously or not, you probably have already experienced networking.

Networking applies whether you are just having a small talk with your friends and other people, or you introduce yourself to new people, catching up with your former classmates and even meeting a new friend. Networking also works when you meet someone who can help you with exploring a new job. To adopt networking as part of your job searching strategy is indeed a smart choice that can increase your chances of achieving success in life and in your career.

How to Network

  • You need to be creative when making your network contacts.

Make a list containing all your contacts. You can include your friends, co-workers, casual acquaintances, neighbors and family members as part of your list. You need to think about people who you know from different places. Your connections can relatively lead you to have stronger connections. You must not be afraid of asking a favour regarding your career situation. By means of connecting with other people, you may have the opportunity to acquire moral support, fellowship and encouragement. You also need to remember that reconnecting with your friends and other acquaintances is fun.

  • You need to reach out to people on your networking list.  

You need to have clear career goals and targets. You must start with your references. You need to reconnect with your references and talk about your capacity and ask them to be your references. Make sure that you can clearly describe your aspirations. Once they agree to be your reference, tell them to expect a phone call. Never forget to let them know important things that happen

  and never forget to give thanks to them.

  • You need to improve your communication skills.

Excellent communication skills can greatly help you while networking. Recognize non-verbal messages, understanding emotions, attentive listening and managing your stress are all very important while networking.

  • You also need to focus on establishing relationships.

You must be authentic, ask for advice on how you can get into a suitable profession or successful career. Bear in mind that you need to consider the terms of reconnecting with your friends and other members of your networking list. You also need to give specific requests and be articulate when it comes to stating your favour and other intentions.

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